Twitter/Art + Social Media | Debra Stringfellow

antisocial network, 2010
ed. of 10
Digital c-print
18.5 x 23 inches

Debra Stringfellow
Bowen Island, BC

Popular networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have grown to approximately 350 million users in 2009 and is expected to continue this growth trend well into 2010. According to Lawrence Lessig, social media sites are inadvertently turning the end user into content producers and the nature of these sites are created for the purpose of exchanging information among friends. So it is not surprising that cyber crime has also risen, targeting these sites which contain valuable personal information. According to Cisco a leading supplier of networking equipment for the Internet, “social media is a criminal’s playground”. Because social media is virtual reality, criminals are faceless and hard to track down. This piece exposes these criminals by ‘phishing’ them from the internet’s vast collection of police sketches and exposing them in a collection of my own.

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