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History of Beauty
Umberto Eco, James Fentress
2004, 432 pages hardcover

Umberto Eco takes readers from classical antiquity to the present day, dispelling many preconceptions along the way and concluding that the relevance of his research is urgent because we live in an age of great reverence for beauty, “an orgy of tolerance, the total syncretism and the absolute and unstoppable polytheism of Beauty.”

Related artist: David Bierk


Carr, O’Keeffe, Kahlo: Places of Their Own
Sharyn Udall
2001, 376 pages softcover

This groundbreaking book compares the art, lives, and achievements of three great artists of the Americas: Emily Carr of Canada, Georgia O’Keeffe of the United States, and Frida Kahlo of Mexico. Each became her country’s preeminent woman painter in the twentieth century, and all explored similar issues in their painting.


Photorealism at the New Millenium
Louis K. Meisel
2002, 224 pages

Louis K. Meisel’s Photorealism at the Millennium documents the movement’s evolution through the 1990s with more than 600 full-color images.