About the Gallery

Founded in 1984, Diane Farris Gallery quickly developed into an internationally recognized showcase for contemporary Canadian and international art. It is especially noted for finding and establishing new talent. Read about the history of the gallery

In 2011, the gallery closed its physical gallery space in favor of serving its international audience online. The new and enhanced website offers extended coverage of the gallery’s artists, an online shop, introduces noted guest writers, and provides an arts events calendar that includes music, theatre, dance and festivals. An early adaptor of the internet, the gallery continues to be at the forefront of emerging technologies. Diane Farris Gallery fully embraces the use of social media platforms to encourage meaningful discussions and enrich the arts community, both online and off.

In addition to monthly online features, the gallery holds exhibitions, lectures and workshops in pop-up venues.

NOTE: If you are an artist and would like to submit work for consideration, please see our Submissions page for guidelines.