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Yellow River / Blue Culture
Essays by Gu Xiong and Andrew Hunter with foreword by Jann Bailey
ISBN 1-895497-50-7
Documenting their trip to China, Vancouver artist Gu Xiong and artist/curator Andrew Hunter focus on cultural hybridization. Gu Xiong draws on similarities between the rapid commercial development of cities in China  and their Canadian counterparts, highlighting the commonality of those places where American corporate influence (Blue Culture) has blurred cultural borders. Hunter recounts his visit to China, noting the almost seamless insinuation of Blue Culture into everyday life. Xiong’s photographs so perfectly embody this cultural cross- pollination that one has to look closely to discover if the local is the Forbidden City or in fact Montreal’s Chinatown.

available from the Kamloops Art Gallery $8.00


The Boy in the Attic
Paul Yee, illustrated by Gu Xiong
32 pages