Sara Genn

Sara Genn is a Canadian-born artist living in New York City. Genn received attention for her artwork at an early age. Her entry in the National Gallery of London’s children’s collection was the precursor to a childhood filled with cartooning, journaling and book making.

Genn attended Vancouver’s York House School and later graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario in 1994. She is the daughter of prominent Canadian painter Robert Genn. Genn has been showing her work professionally since the age of 18, and sold out her first solo exhibition at the age of 19.

As her art production has gained acceptance by private and corporate collectors, she has continued to explore alternative techniques and subject matter. A year-long excursion to Europe resulted in an on-line publication of a multitude of photographs, paintings, and writing. She works primarily in oil on canvas but has also worked in printmaking, pastel, watercolour, acrylic, paper, video and soft sculpture media.

Genn is best known for her exhaustive use of colour and patterning. The repetition of motifs in her paintings often resemble quilt and textile design.