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Lisa Klapstock: Liminal
Essays by Scott McLeod, Alison Nordström

Introduction by Marilyn Smith, Stuart Reid, and Jann LM Bailey
A sumptuous monograph published on the occasion of Lisa Klapstock’s nationally touring exhibition, Liminal, which includes work spanning almost a decade in this rising star’s career. Series such as Living Room, Threshold, and Ambiguous Landscapes, included in the exhibition, are supplemented in the book with images from other projects such as Crossover, Panorama, and Excavations. Exquisitely designed, with rigorous essays by McLeod and Nordström, Lisa Klapstock: Liminal is a collector’s item. Klapstock, who was born and raised in Kamloops but has lived internationally and in Toronto since the mid-1980s, is known for her coolly conceptual, minimal, and boldly coloured photographs and photo-based artworks, all which explore the limits and capabilities of vision through photographic media.

Published by Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, and Kamloops Art Gallery
Hardcover, full colour, 98 pages, $39.95
Available from Kamloops Art Gallery

Lisa Klapstock / Paulette Phillips
Gérard Wajcman

Publication accompanying the Canadian participation in International Encounters, a program intended to sponser artists in different European contexts, thus making this the first time the two Toronto artists will be seen in Paris, Madrid and Berlin. Composed of video installations and photographs, the exhibition brings together major works: Ambiguous Landscapes (2003-2005), Threshold (2001-2002) and the world premiere of the video installation Field Studies (2007) by Klapstock; It’s about how people judge appearance (2001), The Floating House (2002), Crosstalk (2004) and Monster Tree (2006) by Phillips. French psychoanalyst and author Wajcman provides a unique reading of this encounter between the pair of women by bringing forth a diptych formed by Field Studies and Monster Tree. For the author, each of these two pieces creates – each in its own way yet both playing on the borderline between technology and visual and imaginary enchantment – a vision of “humanity in modern times”. In English and French.