Phil Borges | TIBET: Culture on the Edge

Tibet: Culture on the Edge
Photographs by Phil Borges
October 1 – 31, 2011

Diane Farris Gallery is pleased to present works from photographer Phil Borges’ new book TIBET: Culture on the Edge as the gallery’s first online exhibition. We are privileged to provide an opportunity for the public to meet the artist, hear him give one of his dynamic illustrated talks and have him sign his newly released book.

Artist Talk & Book Signing: Thursday, October 20th, 6:30 – 8:30
The Waterfall Building, 205 – 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC

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For over twenty years Phil Borges has lived with and documented indigenous and tribal cultures around the world. Through his work, he strives to create a heightened understanding of the issues faced by people in the developing world.

Lamo Tso, 26

Fifteen years after his successful series and book Tibetan Portrait, Borges returned to Tibet to witness a land and culture on the edge of disappearing. Borges states, “The effects of climate change are accelerating on the Tibetan Plateau. Tibet’s glaciers, which feed Asia’s major rivers and supply nearly 2 billion people with their life-giving water, are disappearing at an alarming rate. Large areas of the once-fertile land are turning to desert and the Tibetan nomads and farmers are finding it harder than ever to subsist.”

Known as the “water tower of Asia,” the Tibetan Plateau is heating up twice as fast as the global average. Tibet’s rapidly melting glaciers-along with recent unprecedented development on the plateau-are quickly changing the lives of the deeply devotional nomads, monks, and farmers who have lived in this area for centuries.

Karma Dechen, 65

In his first full-colour series, Phil Borges introduces viewers to the Tibetan landscape and people through astonishing panoramas and intimate portraits. Pairing each image with a personal story and insight into Tibetan culture, Borges attempts to create relationships between the audience and his photographic subjects. He writes, “I want the viewer to see these people as individuals, to know their names and a bit of their history, not just to view them as an anonymous part of some remote ethnic or tribal group.”

Lake Yihun Lhatso

In addition to the online exhibition, weekly blog posts about Phil Borges and highlights of selected works, the gallery will host a lecture by Phil Borges in the Waterfall Building on October 20, 2011. The artist will be available to sign books after the lecture. To pre-order a signed copy of Tibet: Culture on the Edge, or any of Borges other books, please contact Stacey White at .

Watch Phil Borges on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer
Thursday October 20 @ 9am, 1pm, 4pmor 9pm on Shaw Cable

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