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The Primary Mark
July 2? 31, 2010

Draw by Night Event, Wednesday July 28, 2010

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Diane Farris Gallery is pleased to participate in Vancouver?s second annual drawing festival, Drawn. The Primary Mark showcases works by gallery artists with a focus on how they use drawing to develop ideas, images, and techniques. Whether they are quick pencil scratches on the back of a card or detailed plans on a fresh sheet of paper, ideas often begin as drawings. This group exhibition follows these marks from sketchbook to finished artworks.

John Dennison?s lyrical illustrations and Sam Lam?s paper studies exemplify the formal elements of drawing while Angela Grossmann?s gestural figures and Natty Saidi?s still-lifes on panel hover on the cusp of drawing and painting. Grossmann?s emphasis on flowing lines provides a glimpse into her method of layering line, washes, and paint to assemble her subjects. Vicky Marshall and Monique Fouquet?s organic charcoal works are full of texture and line. Where Marshall?s bird nests and mushrooms are studies for larger paintings, Fouquet explores the diversity of charcoal and graphite marks in her monolithic drawings.

Currently an Associate Professor in the University of British Columbia? Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory, Gu Xiong first began drawing when sent to the countryside as a field worker during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. By the light of a kerosene lantern, he drew the people and objects around him in the remote village. A selection of these early sketches will be featured together with sketchbooks by Pat Service and John Dennison. Service?s studies include watercolour and graphite renderings of local landscapes that she uses as departure points for her large landscape paintings. Dennison?s filofax is a treasure trove of intricate drawings and vignettes that give life to mundane objects.

In addition to the exhibition, on Wednesday, July 28th, Diane Farris Gallery will host a Draw by Night drawing party, with artist Myron Campbell, in the gallery?s sculpture courtyard. Guests are welcome to join in the collective drawing process or stop by to observe and chat with the artists.

Angela Grossmann, Walk Away

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