Joseph A. McDonnell is a Seattle sculptor who has maintained a New York studio for 30 years. He is widely represented across North America. His numerous corporate clients include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IBM, Touchstone, General Electric, Standard Oil and Washington Mutual.???????????

The building blocks of McDonnell?s massive sculptures have been likened to Rubik's Cubes, cell blocks and strands of DNA. Through his use of metal, granite, and glass, McDonnell states that he seeks to conjure such primordial symbols as the sun and to capture a sense of ?ancient civilizations? forgotten kingdoms and glories?. The pieces have what Donald Kuspit once described as a ?cubist/ constructivist complexity and an expressionistic sense of drama?.

Joseph McDonnell received his Bachelor of Arts (1958) and Master of Fine Arts (1959) from the University of Notre Dame, working under renowned sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, and, in 1987, at the Harvard School of Design. He has produced more than 150 major commissions. He is an associate editor and sculpture critic for Art World. He is also a longtime member of the Century Association where he serves on the exhibition committee.


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