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China Renaissance
May 11-27, 2006
Opening reception May 11, 6-8 pm

The Diane Farris Gallery is pleased to announce a new solo exhibit, China Renaissance, by Beijing artist Xue Mo. Xue Mo's captivating portraits of solemn, striking women share the dreamy demeanor and intoxicating mystery of the Mona Lisa. Many of the serene faces are backed by gentle, Renaissance-like landscapes with low rolling hills and infinite blue skies, while others have an iconic modernity against translucent dark backgrounds. Using thinly-mixed paints, even brushwork and an economy of detail, Mo exquisitely reveals the beauty of soft skin and fine textures of clothing.

Described as ?Medici-like?, the paintings evoke a universal elegance, a return to pure painting, and a contemporary interpretation of formalism. They portray concepts of "woman", "womanhood", "gentlewoman" and possibly self-portraiture. While lending themselves to a meditative contemplation that transcends age and culture, they have a timely appeal as well. Mo's title, China Renaissance, reflects China's rapidly increasing global interaction with Western countries and their cultures, much as international trade and the idea of the individual developed during the European Renaissance of the 14th and 15th centuries.

Born with a twin sister (also an artist) in 1966 in Inner Mongolia, Mo began drawing landscapes and portraits of her family at the early age of eight. In 1991, she received a B.A. in Fine Art at Meitan Normal College in Beijing. During her tenure at school, she was twice awarded a bronze medal for paintings at two national fine art exhibitions: the First China Folk Art Competition in 1989 and the First China Meitan Art Festival in 1990. After a six-year teaching career at Meitan Normal College, Mo dedicated herself full-time to painting. Since then she has become well established in China and has exhibited internationally in Vancouver, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.
Xue Mo has shown with the Diane Farris Gallery since 2003.


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Portrait of Miss Tuya, 2006

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