Jesse Garbe

Jesse Garbe was born in Chilliwack, BC in 1979.? He is a recent graduate of NSCAD University?s MFA Program (2008), where he received the Joseph Beuys Memorial Award (2007).

Garbe?s recent work examines our relationship with nature. It questions how our representations of nature affect our interactions with animals and plants. Central to his work is the notion that nature is not a separate entity, but a space intertwined and infused with culture.

For his thesis, Garbe focused on the Natural History Museum?s use of the habitat diorama and its fusion of scientific information (as observed through field work) with the subjective pictorial traditions, history and conventions of painting.

Garbe's earlier paintings were vigorous studies of the psychological implications of sight. Taking into account the gaze of the sitter as well as his own gaze and the gaze of the observer, for six years he painted himself in relation to the individuals around him. His paintings tok place within the context of his studio and were painted with live models.

Garbe is currently pursuing exhibitions in alternative spaces, such as the natural history museum and the public arena.? He is part of the Canada Council Art Bank and Simon Frasier University collections as well as various private collections in the US and Canada.? He currently lives and works in Vancouver, B.C.

  • Recent Paintings, 2005
  • Sneak Preview, 2003

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About the Artist

Red Wedge
, 2003

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