Gu Xiong


The Yellow Pear: The Story of Gu Xiong

a film by Audrey Mehler

Yellow Pear jacket cover
Audrey Mehler's The Yellow Pear tells the dramatic story of a Chinese refugee arriving in Vancouver just after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

A native of Szechuan Province, Gu Xiong was an artist living in Beijing in 1989. As an activist, his life was increasingly in danger. Through close Canadian contacts made as a student at the Banff Centre for Fine Arts, he escaped from China, leaving his wife and child behind.

Gu Xiong settled in Vancouver and continued his artwork while working menial jobs. His work soon had the attention of local galleries. Some of his work was a political commentary on China, while other paintings revealed comical cultural ironies apparent to many Canadian immigrants.

Finally reunited with his small family, Gu Xiong earned a teaching post and the accolades of art lovers nationally and internationally. His work now hangs in the National Gallery in Ottawa and in galleries in Montreal and Toronto. Filmmaker Audrey Mehler offers a rich and moving tapestry of artwork, interviews and archival footage in this provocative film about the human cost of exile and the determination of an artist to tell his truth.

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The Yellow Pear is an episode in the 'Scattering of Seeds - The Creation of Canada' series by White Pine Pictures.


Director Audrey Mehler

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