Sam Lam

Press Release

New Paintings 2004
August 19 - September 4, 2004
Opening reception: Thursday, August 19, 6-7 pm

The Diane Farris Gallery is pleased to announce new work by Sam Lam. During the past year, Lam returned to his native home in Guangzhou, China after 20 years in Vancouver and New York City. He set up a studio in China and continued his series of large-scale images of fruit and vegetables, many delicately swathed in tissue paper.

Lam achieves an ephemeral glow in his paintings through a pointillist treatment of space, light and shape. His fine sense of craftsmanship is evident in his renderings of simple objects like onions, mangostana, garlic and lemons. Poised against muted backgrounds, they radiate with serenity.

Lam writes, "Still life in painting has and always will be a universal theme for many artists. I attempt to dismantle the traditional format and display the subjects (usually in pairs) in a contemporary format bathed in light. Further, I have wrapped some of these forms in tissue enhancing their precious status. As a very young artist, I worked with similar subjects. Now I approach the paintings with a new interpretation, maturity and enthusiasm."

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Prunus, 2004
42 X 42 inches

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