Cherry Hood

Paintings for Harold?s End

Deitch Projects
18 Wooster Street New York
November 13 to December 18, 2002

Cherry Hood's watercolour paintings, illustrating JT LeRoy's latest novella Harold?s End, are exhibited at NYC's Deitch Projects until December 12, 2004.

Author J.T. LeRoy writes:
?When I first ran across the work of Cherry Hood I had the freeze of recognition. In the streaks of her watercolors I saw my stories. That she is from the other side of the world geographically and psychologically is fitting, as is our discovery of one another. Her ability to breech the inner worlds of people locked within themselves is unflinching. In the eyes of her subjects, she mines the unspoken, unguarded moments, what lays beyond their layers of fortification. She nullifies the dismissive utterance, "I can't relate." Her work embodies the very texture of sensation, the taste of need, of heart, of loss, of survival.?

Harold's End & Vanity Fair
"Blessed with haunting watercolour portraits by Cherry Hood, JT LeRoy's Harold's End (Last Gasp), 'a street hustler power ballad' slices deep into a world of unbearable sadness and beauty."
Vanity Fair ? ?Hot Type? December, 2004, page 152

Harold's End is published by Last Gasp, one of the largest and oldest publishers and purveyors of underground comic books in the world. Last Gasp also distributes weird and wonderful subversive literature, graphic novels and tattoo and art books.




Harold's End

J. T. Leroy, Cherry Hood
2005, 48 pp hardcover

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