Dale Chihuly

Studio Editions 2009

* Pieces to be retired December 31, 2012

Each Studio Edition is hand-blown, signed by Dale Chihuly and comes with a custom-designed Plexiglas vitrine with a black base for secure and handsome display.

Purchase of a Studio Edition also includes a beautiful book describing the series to which it belongs ? the Fioris, Persians, Seaforms, Macchias or Baskets.

Studio Editions

Majestic Macchia *

studio edition glass, 2009
approx. 10 inches high
$8,100 USD

Dale Chihuly?s triumphant Black series debuted in 2007 and features a dominant use of black intensified with striking colors. ?I started the Black series with making the Black Cylinders. I wasn?t necessarily going to do anything else in black, but I went ahead and did the Soft Cylinders in black, the Baskets in black, the Macchia in black, and about that time I kind of felt it was a series unto itself,? explains Chihuly.?

We are thrilled to introduce the first Studio Edition from the Black series, Majestic Macchia. The rhythmic form fluctuates in one fluid movement with contrasting colors meeting in this inaugural 2009 Studio Edition. The black exterior is accented with a mixture of blue tones including a line of soft turquoise melted into sections of gold leaf. The interior radiates lustrous blue, and a bright green color highlights the lip.

Accompanying each piece is the largest formatted publication on the artist?s work to date, Chihuly Black, which features 138 beautiful color photographs and a debossed leather-bound cover. Majestic Macchia, measuring ten inches in height, is signed by Chihuly and includes a Plexiglas vitrine for display.? An impressive representation of the Black series, Majestic Macchia combines modern eloquence with original design.
* All photos by David Emery

Aspen Green Persian *

studio edition glass, 2009
approx. 9 inches wide
$5600 USD

One of his most celebrated series, Dale Chihuly?s Persians eloquently capture his love of compelling colors and energetic forms. In an essay found in Chihuly Persians, art historian Tina Oldknow describes Chihuly?s diverse color palette as subtle, intense, simple, complicated, dark, light: Chihuly's colors are his signature.

This 2009 Studio Edition, Aspen Green Persian, incorporates the opulent colors and exquisite lines of Chihuly?s Persian series. This piece is highlighted by a radiant citron green, with delightful shades of green, yellow, and red spots sprinkled on the back like lingering confetti from a late-night celebration. A contrasting red lip wrap delineates a softly rippled and folded edge, and thin lines radiate outward around the body, beginning at the ball foot, on which the Persian rests.

Handblown, and signed by Chihuly, Aspen Green Persian measures approximately nine inches across. Accompanying each Studio Edition are a Plexiglas vitrine and Chihuly Persians, a publication featuring an in-depth essay by Tina Oldknow, current curator of modern glass at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Aspen Green Persian is a festive blend of exotic form and intense color.
* All photos by David Emery

Ginger Plum Seaform *

studio edition glass, 2009
approx. 11 inches wide
$6600 USD

Dale Chihuly?s Seaform series consists of ribbed forms displayed in graceful ensembles that appear complex yet naturally elegant. "We are using gravity, centrifugal force, the heat, the fire, all of these different elements, and in many ways we are not totally in control. It?s letting the glass also make the form", explains Chihuly regarding the principles of his glass-blowing process, as found especially in his Seaform series.

Ginger Plum Seaform is composed of two elements, one precariously embracing the other to set off a constellation of white, green, blue, and red colored spots scattered across their purple exteriors. Each piece features a double body wrap with an amber-colored interior and is accented with a delicate teal lip wrap.?

This 2009 Studio Edition measures approximately eleven inches across, with Chihuly's signature engraved on the smaller piece. Each Ginger Plum Seaform comes with a Plexiglas vitrine and a copy of Chihuly Seaforms, which includes forty-four full-color photographs and an extensive essay by art critic Joan Seeman Robinson.

Ginger Plum Seaform combines contemporary colors with classic form.

* All photos by David Emery

Misty Persian Pair *

studio edition glass, 2009
approx. 11 inches across
$7100 USD

Rich traditions of Venetian glassblowing contribute to the inspiration found in Dale Chihuly?s Persian series. The artist Walter Darby Bannard explains further: "There is a popular misconception that great modernist art always makes a radical break with the past. In fact, very good new art often breaks with the present by going back to the past."

Misty Persian Pair, a 2009 Studio Edition, is the quintessential Persian form, with undulating edges and captivating color. Concentric bands of turquoise cover the surface, complemented by a darker blue line that adds depth and detail. A flattened spherical shape that seems to be a playful, living entity rests inside. The pair is accented with a citron yellow lip wrap.

Accompanying Misty Persian Pair are the 104-page hardcover book Chihuly Persian and a Plexiglas vitrine for display. The piece is signed by Dale Chihuly and measures approximately eleven inches across.

Misty Persian Pair embodies the ethereal style and vivid colors found in Chihuly's Persians.

* All photos by David Emery

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