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Dale Chihuly

2000 Exhibition
May 6 - June 3, 2000

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May 2000 Exhibition
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Spring Pink Persian Set with Bright White Lip Wraps, 1999, 9x22x21 inches

Iris Gold Gasket with Black Lip Wrap, 1997, 7x9x9 inches

Hopi Yellow Desert Basket Set with Red Lip Wrap, 1999, 10x23x17 inches

Stucco Brown Desert Basket with Dusty Olive Lip Wrap, 1999, 11x15x7 inches

Apollo's Gold Chandelier, 1999, 76x60 inches

Spray Green Macchia with Lavender Lip Wrap, 1995, 26x36x31 inches

Jerusalem 2000 Cylinder #90, 1999, 14x15x15 inches


Green Banana Desert Basket with Hull Black Lip Wrap, 1999, 21x22x20 inches

Orange Soft Cylinder with Grey Rose Lip Wrap, 1992, 18x16x16 inches

Jade and Amber Spotted Desert Basket Set, 1999, 23x25x24 inches

Russian Violet Macchia with Pine Green Lip Wrap, 1995, 16x36x36 inches

Cornflower Blue Basket Set with Ironwood Lip Wraps, 1995, 10x7x7 inches

Quercitron Leopard Macchia with Blood Red Lip Wrap, 1999, 21x32x31 inches


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Burnt Okra Desert Basket with Nut Black Lip Wrap, 1999, 22x22x22 inches

Cerulean Blue Macchia with Red Lip Wrap, 1996, 22x27x34 inches

Oxblood and Caramel Leopard spotted Basket Set, 1999, 14x13x14 inches

Lapis and Kings Blue Persian Set with Bright White Lip Wraps, 1999, 6x18x20 inches

Castiliain Red Seaform with Black Lip Wraps, 1995, 12x27x18 inches

Insignia White Seaform with Amber and Oxblood Forms, 1999, 10x26x16 inches