Artist Statement

I have always been an observer and a storyteller. As a result, my work invariably starts in a narrative structure. My approach to photography was influenced by early studies at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, under the direction of the iconic photographer Minor White. In his approach to image-making, White referred to a "heightened awareness" that has informed my own work and assisted me in moving to that more intuitive realm of space, time and the mystical where, to me, the essence of the photographic image resides.

This process, along with the parallel and conceptual influences of my recent studies at Emily Carr and a career in architecture and design, has given my work a multi-layered quality: mystical at times, pragmatic and structured at others. I am deeply attracted to the notion of opposites, ambiguity, good, evil, chaos, order, positive, negative, complexity and simplicity and my ongoing work falls within the broader framework of those qualities.

Grace Gordon-Collins
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